• Geoff Tucker

    Group Business Development Director

As councils across the country struggle to maintain services in the face of relentless cost increases, skills shortages and rising demand on services, it is perhaps no surprise that there is growing interest in Local Authority Trading Companies (LATCos).

LATCos give councils all the benefits of insourcing: direct control over services, social value and a public service ethos. Crucially, and unlike a traditional DLO, they also offer the opportunity to generate external income and to deliver greater operational benefits, plus the flexibility to bring in changes quickly and efficiently, without incurring variation charges.

Norse is the UK’s leading LATCo, having partnerships with over 20 local councils. We bring over 25 years of proven commercial expertise in creating a more commercial culture with profitable revenue streams, delivering operational efficiencies and generating social value. Partnership profits are also returned to partner councils rather than private shareholders, helping to close the funding gap and protect public services.

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