Almost 20% of council leaders and chief executives in England think it is very or fairly likely that their Chief Finance Officer will need to issue a Section 114 notice this year due to a lack of funding to keep key services running, according to a recent survey by the Local Government Association.

As councils in England face an estimated £4 billion funding gap over the next two years just to keep services standing still, local authority leaders are feeling the pressure to provide for their communities.

But there is an alternative. Norse Group believes there is always a better way to deliver for the public. We have the expertise to assist public sector clients in striking a balance between acting by principles and managing within their financial constraints.

We specialise in providing the spaces and services necessary for communities to not just survive but thrive. Our approach combines the breadth, expertise, and scale of a large organisation with the insightful perspective of a local partner, all while upholding the values of the public sector.

Our mission is to create an integrated approach to providing public sector services, fostering sustainable long-term relationships and returns in a fair and ethical manner. This benefits not only our clients but also our employees and all other stakeholders.

With thirty years of organic growth, entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and the creation of twenty joint venture partnerships in England and Wales, we proudly stand as the UK’s largest local authority trading company. Our continued public ownership ensures that we can serve communities through stable, long-term partnerships with their interests at the forefront.

In providing an alternative to traditional outsourcing models, our unique model aligns profit and social return on value. Our profits are reinvested into the public sector and shared with our joint venture partners to benefit their communities, enabling continuous economic development. Our resource model is designed to retain and develop skills and capacity locally, for the long-term benefit of communities.

Across our four core business areas, Care, Commercial, Consulting and Specialist, we have the capability to design, implement, operate, and optimise spaces and services throughout the community. Reflecting the needs of society, we evolve to meet new priorities: from the way schools facilitate the best environments for the youngest minds, to the homes we provide to care for the elderly.

Underpinned by our core values which shape our decisions and actions, we care completely, collaborate proactively, act with integrity, pursue better, and make it happen.

Norse Group | United in Purpose

Statistics source: Local Government Association