We recognise that safety is your top priority; ensuring buildings, workplaces and educational facilities are well protected in any eventuality.

As a specialist provider of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, we can equip you with everything you need to keep you safe.

We can provide installation, repairs and regular maintenance of a variety of different systems; including alarms, detection and suppression systems and emergency lighting, all delivered by our expert team.

Also part of our Fire systems service

  • Emergency lighting

    Emergency lighting

    We can supply and install emergency lighting, ensuring a safe exit for all occupiers when necessary.

  • Fire alarms

    Fire alarms

    Norse has a wide range of alarms available to suit your business requirements.

  • Fire detection systems

    Fire detection systems

    We utilise the latest fire detection systems to provide you with peace of mind should a fire break out within your building.

  • Fire suppression systems

    Fire suppression systems

    Norse can supply you with fire suppression systems to help contain, prevent or extinguish a fire.

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