Cleanliness in our communities has never been so important. People rightly expect high standards of cleaning and hygiene from schools, colleges, hospitals, sports centres and police stations to offices, commercial premises, social housing, streets and car parks.

Cleaner buildings and neighbourhoods are happier and healthier places in which to live and work and show that they are treated with the pride they deserve. That’s why contracts and partnerships in both the private and public sectors benefit from Norse’s experienced cleaning division.

Also part of our Cleaning service

  • Bin cleaning

    Bin cleaning

    We clean commercial bins inside and out using environmentally friendly products, ensuring bins are left smelling clean and fresh.

  • Building cleaning

    Building cleaning

    We can help instil civic pride by keeping your premises clean and tidy.

  • Car park

    Car park/forecourt cleaning

    We can provide cleaning services on a one off or regular basis and to schedules that suit your premises use and operating times.

  • Carpet cleaning

    Carpet cleaning

    Our professional carpet cleaning service uses the method selected to give the best results, including hot water extraction, dry foam etc. We can also quote you for spot and stain removal to restore carpets with unsightly blemishes.

  • Deep Clean

    Deep cleaning

    We are equipped to carry out specialist deep cleaning services, getting right to the core of your premises to leave it in pristine condition.

  • Window cleaning

    High level cleaning

    Some buildings by their nature or purposes have high, difficult to clean areas. We provide high level cleaning of sports halls, kitchens and other hi-rise internal area.

  • Kitchen cleaning

    Kitchen cleaning

    By their very nature, kitchens build up potential health hazards. Daily cleaning is therefore vital, but regular deep cleaning is also a crucial part of maintaining high health standards within these environments.

  • Office cleaning

    Office cleaning

    We help maintain cleaner office environments, ensuring they are happier and healthier places to work.

  • Washroom cleaning

    Washroom services

    Cleanliness and hygiene is incredibly important, with our team upholding the highest standards in washroom services.

  • Window

    Window cleaning

    Our cleaners take great care to keep your windows sparkling clean, providing a friendly and professional service.

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