As the largest care provider in Norfolk, Norse Care provide
high quality care to over 1,500 people, in residential care homes and
housing with care schemes, in many of which we have invested in
specialist care for people living with dementia.

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Residential care

We provide high quality, 24-hour care focused on each individual’s needs, supporting them with care that reflects their physical, mental, emotional and social needs in order to maximise their personal wellbeing.

Residents have their own room, many of which have ensuite facilities or good access to bathrooms. All homes have communal living and dining rooms, activities lounges and well-kept gardens. Many of our homes are situated at the heart of the local community groups to visit regularly.

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Housing with care

Housing with care provides people with the best of both worlds – care and support when you need it; together with the independence of your own tenancy agreement.

Tenants living within housing with care have their own front door, living room and kitchen, plus a bedroom and en-suite shower room within a community setting, together with 24-hour care and support provided by on-site professionally trained Norse Care staff.

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Short term care

Many of our care homes offer short-term care, often called respite care. This offers people an opportunity to receive specialist care and support in a warm, safe and friendly environment for a short period of time, but can also offer their usual carer a well-earned break as well.

It can also help people who are convalescing from a period of time in hospital, enabling them to recover in an environment where they can be supported by our care teams.

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Dementia care

A number of our residential homes specialise in the care of those living with dementia, providing excellent person-centred care and support to those who live with us, their families, and friends.

We aim to provide outstanding dementia care, working with organisations that are at the forefront of dementia care research and practice to improve our service, and delivering regular dementia training for our staff.

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