Our aim is to improve people’s lives.

As Britain’s largest local authority trading company (LATCO), ensuring we put people at the heart of what we do is integral to the ethical value proposition for our stakeholders and shareholder.

Our current Group business activity, and predicted growth over the next five years, will centre on providing services across England, Scotland, and Wales. We will seek to work with unitary, county, and district councils and clients from the education, care, NHS, and charitable sectors.

Investing in local economies and communities by providing employment and career opportunities in our business locations is a key element of our purpose.

We will continue to demand that the highest safety standards are met within our operations, protecting the health and wellbeing of our dedicated staff and the people within our communities.

Our aim is to continue to offer our services in an increasingly integrated delivery model underpinned by a culture of long-term partnership working and ethical profitability for local communities.

These priorities will build durability into our services in three ways:

  1. Providing high quality services and monitoring customer satisfaction.
  2. Generating ethical returns for partners and our shareholder.
  3. Investing in our people, developing their skills, and ensuring job satisfaction.

| Strategic Business Plan 2024.28



While our customer base is sensitive to price, high-quality services will remain a prerequisite.

We will continue to build quality into our services with a deep understanding of our customer’s requirements, having the right knowledge and skills to discuss and negotiate contracts and develop our integrated management systems across our Group and its processes.


Innovation will be key to our growth plans over the next five years. Our customers and staff will drive this and listening to them will help shape our innovative approach.

Flexibility in working arrangements, alternative service delivery models, solutions to net zero carbon goals, and an increased demand for data-driven decision making, are likely to be the drivers for our innovative approach.

Respect and Trust

Ensuring that our staff respect and trust each other and our clients, is essential to forming teams that perform at their optimum.

A positive and sustainable organisational culture is imperative in ensuring we retain the right staff and that we attract the best talent as we grow. By ensuring trust and respect are ‘lived’ values demonstrated by all our staff, our business will continue to grow and succeed.


Sound governance, corporate social responsibility, and clear communication with our stakeholders are essential in ensuring we are trusted and respected by our customers.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (ESG), which aims to create social value in addition to profit, will be the continued drive towards our goal of being net zero carbon by 2050. Reducing the impact of our services on the environment means we will positively support similar actions of those living in the communities we serve. The next five years will see us develop further our ESG Strategy and continue our net zero journey.

To support this, we will monitor and report our ESG activities, reporting back to stakeholders on a triple bottom line basis providing data transparently to facilitate independent review and scrutiny of our performance. Good governance and a strong ESG Strategy will complement our approach to enduring relationships with customers, built on our values to generate and share ethical profits.