• Paul Pawa

    Group Strategic Development Director

Over 300 local authorities have declared a climate emergency, and almost 60% of councils in England have announced their aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, 20 years earlier than the national target.

As local authorities grapple with the reality of their net zero carbon promise, they are faced with a maze of challenges and opportunities. One key ally in this journey is Norse Group, the UK’s largest LATCo and a trusted partner in property consultancy and facilities management. Norse Group’s comprehensive net zero carbon journey provides a strategic blueprint for local governments, enabling them to navigate the complex road to sustainability.

Strategic Vision: Establishing the Foundation for Success
The road to decarbonisation begins with a strategic vision. While local authorities may have already set objectives for the future, Norse Group can provide specialist support to review their asset management strategy to ensure efficient resource utilisation and alignment with their sustainability goals.

The next step is to create a methodology report and plan of action, using collated energy and building data to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Finally, our energy specialists can support the preparation of a Strategic Outline Case, setting the course for a successful sustainability strategy.

Assessment and Prioritisation: Maximising Impact
Norse Group can help prepare preliminary energy and carbon assessments, providing a baseline for clients to gauge their current carbon footprint and track improvements.

Within the assessment and prioritisation phase, the Group can assist in updating the asset management strategy and develop a decarbonisation plan that considers budgets, expected savings, and environmental impacts.

In addition, our experts can assist in preparing a compelling Outline Business Case, which can be utilised to secure funding such as the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund.

Feasibility: Turning Vision into Action
Norse Group’s NZC journey begins to materialise into actionable projects in the feasibility stage.

Our team conduct feasibility studies to ensure the viability of sustainability projects while building pathology assessments identify areas for improvement.

A clear roadmap and budget are crucial for councils to effectively steer the transition to Net Zero. With Norse’s guidance, our clients can identify renewable energy sources and smart building solutions that maximise energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the Group can support the preparation of a Full Business Case, which can contribute to funding applications such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

Design and Delivery: Sustainable Transformation
When it comes to design and delivery, Norse Group leads by example, offering specialist sustainability design services backed up by planning consultancy.

Norse offer efficient procurement and supply chain management, cost control and financial reporting, creating a streamlined process and taking pressure off our clients.

Lastly, our estate and asset management team conduct ongoing whole-life carbon assessments to ensure sustainability standards are maintained at the highest level.

In Operation: Sustaining Excellence
Following delivery, Norse Group conduct reviews and provide financial reporting to assess effectiveness and ensure clients maintain their net zero trajectory.

As part of our NZC journey, Norse offer ongoing energy demand management, continuous performance monitoring and annual reporting.

Embarking on the journey towards achieving net zero may seem like a daunting endeavour. In our opinion, with Norse Group, the path becomes far less intimidating and much more manageable. Our commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction is not just a promise; it’s a tangible reality that we are proud to have put into action alongside several esteemed partners.

Our extensive experience in decarbonisation initiatives has allowed us to collaborate with various organisations, including Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, West Sussex County Council, Ipswich Borough Council, and Peterborough City Council.

To learn more about our impactful projects, view our case studies here.

Statistics taken from Local Government Association