• Richard Gawthorpe

    Group Business Development Director

From 17 April to 1 May, the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund portal offers a crucial opportunity to accelerate your journey towards a sustainable future.

The Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund provides grants to boost decarbonisation skills and unlock sustainability in the public sector. With up to £16 million of funding available from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund provides grants for public sector organisations to engage the specialist and expert advice and skills required to create robust plans to prepare for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency works.

Norse Group, the UK’s largest LATCo and a trusted partner in property consultancy and facilities management, stands ready to support your green transformation. Our comprehensive Net Zero Carbon Journey provides a strategic blueprint for local authorities, enabling them to navigate the complex road to sustainability.

Why partner with us?

· Expertise in action: Leverage our proven track record in managing complex decarbonisation projects.

· Tailored solutions: Custom strategies that align with your unique assets and sustainability goals.

· Funding mastery: Simplify your Low Carbon Skills Fund application with our proven expertise.

· Future-ready planning: Prepare today for the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (PSDF) and beyond.

The Norse Group Net Zero Carbon Journey

1. Strategic Vision

The Net Zero Carbon Journey begins with a strategic vision. Norse Group provides specialist support to review asset management strategies, ensuring alignment with sustainability goals.

Utilising energy and building data, we identify gaps and prepare a Strategic Outline Case for a successful sustainability strategy.

2. Assessment and Prioritisation

We assist in preliminary energy and carbon assessments, establishing a baseline for tracking improvements.

Updating asset management strategies and crafting decarbonisation plans, we consider budgets, savings, and environmental impacts.

Our experts prepare a compelling Outline Business Case to secure funding such as the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund.

3. Feasibility

In the feasibility stage, we conduct studies to ensure project viability and identify improvement areas.

Guiding clients with clear roadmaps and budgets, we identify renewable energy sources and maximise efficiency.

Preparation of a Full Business Case supports funding applications such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

4. Design and Delivery

Norse Group offers specialist sustainability design services and efficient procurement.

Streamlining processes with cost control and financial reporting, we ease the burden on our clients.

Ongoing whole-life carbon assessments maintain sustainability standards.

5. In Operation

Following delivery, we conduct reviews and provide financial reporting to maintain net zero trajectory.

Offering ongoing energy demand management and continuous performance monitoring, we ensure sustainability excellence.

Join us in transforming communities and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

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