We are pleased to announce a new podcast series, Inside Norse, in which we delve into the inner workings of Norse Group.

Hosted by Paul Pawa, Group Strategic Development Director, each episode journeys into the heart of Norse, guided by esteemed guests who bring their specialised expertise to the forefront.

The discussion spans a wide array of topics, from dissecting the intricacies of our People Strategy to navigating transformative projects and offering rare glimpses into operational insights.

In the first episode of Inside Norse, Paul Pawa sits down with Norse Group CEO Justin Galliford to discuss Norse Group’s transformative journey over the past two years.

Justin reflects on the pivotal milestones achieved during his tenure, marking a significant shift in Norse Group’s approach to delivering services. At the forefront is the One Norse Strategy, a bold initiative uniting the company’s core areas of Consulting, Commercial, and Care under a singular umbrella.

Central to our innovative approach is the LATCo model, which allows local authority clients to co-design services and retain tighter control.

As an extension of the One Norse Strategy, Norse Group recently rebranded, redefining our narrative and values to reflect our offer. This marks just the beginning of our commitment to delivering high quality integrated services for clients and communities alike.

Justin examines Project One, a transformation piece focusing on back-office HR and Finance systems and technology, which is set to enhance operational efficiency and customer service. Through this project, Norse aims to future-proof its offerings and provide clients with quick access to high-quality data while embracing emerging technologies.

Finally, discussions lead to Norse Group’s ESG Strategy. As organisations globally embark on the road to net zero, Norse Group home in on their commitment to sustainability. Exploring recent charitable initiatives including our work with Norfolk Community Foundation and Wayland Prison, Justin talks about the Group’s plans to move social value to an essential part of what we do.

Listen to the full episode here.