Fruit and veg box

During January’s lockdown, School Cook Leah Claxton was approached by teachers at her school to speak to Year 2 children about healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet.

While this was a little out of Leah’s comfort zone, Leah accepted the challenge and relished the opportunity to see and speak with the children while they were home-learning and talk about her specialist subject – school meals!

The school believed it was important for children to learn about healthy food; where it comes from and how it can be prepared. Who better to present this than their very own school cook?

The class took place over Zoom, with Leah sat in her school kitchen and 45 children plus the teachers calling in from various locations. They covered topics such as how Norse make meals healthy; why it is important to eat healthy food; what is Leah’s favourite food to make as well as what fruit and veg the children enjoyed to eat and what their favourite school meals are – roast dinner day was the clear winner!

The children learnt a great deal on the day and were left more engaged and ready to try the meals on offer. Leah was energised and motivated by the opportunity to present to the school and speak with her young customers about the many benefits of school meals.

It was so lovely to see their faces and talk to them, though they all wanted to talk at once! It was fantastic to hear them talking about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. I have promised to do some cookery workshops with them in the summer term which will be great fun!
Leah Claxton, Cook Manager, St Martha’s Primary School

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