NEWS is a waste management company based in Norfolk and was formed in 1993. The company currently operates several waste management contracts within Norfolk and deals with around 250,000 tonnes of waste per year. Significant contracts include the processing of mixed recyclable materials collected on behalf of the 7 Borough, City and District Councils in Norfolk, providing transfer station operations for residual waste and the operation of 20 Recycling Centres on behalf of Norfolk County Council (NCC).

The Costessey Materials Recycling Facility, based on the outskirts of Norwich, has been in operation since 2003 processing mixed dry recyclable material from all of the Norfolk Councils. The facility has processed over 1.5 million tonnes of waste for further recycling and has the capacity to process up to 120,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables per year.

NEWS operates 3 waste transfer stations within Norfolk, at Aylsham, Caister and King’s Lynn. These facilities provide drop-off and bulking operations for waste collected by the Councils and NEWS arranges the onward transportation of various waste streams for treatment or disposal.

Under a Service Level Agreement with NCC, NEWS operates the 20 Recycling Centres in Norfolk, which provide a recycling and waste disposal option for both domestic and trade waste. Currently c84% of the waste delivered is recovered for recycling purposes.

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