Students working with NUNCATS make aviation history at the International Aviation Academy.

Students from Action Community Enterprises (ACE) and local schools, colleges and academies are making aviation history by building an all-electric aircraft with Norfolk based social enterprise NUNCATS CIC.

This unique summer school E-Skyjeep project has the ultimate aim of supplying zero-emissions aircraft to developing countries around the world. This affordable aircraft will be run and maintained by local communities, transporting medical aid, doctors, and teachers to remote regions.

The project started earlier this year with Norse Group Aviation Academy Manager Alan Rampling and Technical Director of NUNCATS, Tim Bridge. The venture offers local students the chance to build the plane and develop their aviation engineering knowledge, experience and skill sets.

They have been working hard at Norse’s state-of-the-art Academy in Norwich, which has a Boeing 737-300 aircraft that once flew international flights and still features fully operational electrics, hydraulics and flying controls.

Volunteer Tutor Ade Pitman said, “It has been fascinating to participate in this project; both to learn the intricacies involved in building a metal-built kit plane and how resource management is employed to engage students of different ages and abilities. This model teaches the student’s workshop health and safety, along with the practical and soft skills needed in the workplace, whilst broadening the young student’s CV. In my opinion, it is a model which should be extended across the educational establishment.”

Students will join the NUNCATS CIC Skyjeep prototype and their airframe at the Old Buckingham Air show on Sat 30th & Sun 31st July.

Student Ben Rayner said, “Working with NUNCATS is probably one of the best extra-curricular activities I have ever done. Getting hands-on experience with construction techniques and teamwork while working on a real aircraft and an important mission has been so much fun, even if sometimes challenging.”

These young adults have put their hearts into the project, volunteering to extend their working day to get as much of the airframe built before the air show. The Sky’s the limit for these young engineers as they show a bright future in aviation engineering and sustainability.

Oliver Gilbert, one of the dedicated students, said, “Problem solving, teamwork, practical skills and engineering technical knowledge. These are just some of the areas that working with NUNCATS to build an electric Zenith has allowed me to develop. I have loved the experience and aim to take my newly learned skills into the future!”

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*photo credit – NUNCATS