Pictured above are Bunzl Brach Manager Damian Potter, Norse Group Head of Procurement Simon Bullimore and Bunzl Regional Director Paul Evans.


Strive for better

At Norse, our procurement team don’t just talk about social governance. They constantly strive to be more sustainable. Of course, we always want the best deal. But we also take our commitment to net zero very seriously.


Minimising deliveries by 708 per year

So how exactly do you do sustainability when shipping products across the UK? You adopt the closed-loop supply system, remove single-use plastics, consolidate your range and reduce your deliveries. At Norse, we were able to minimise deliveries by 708 per year.

This new system adopted between Norse and key supplier Bunzl has already saved over one tonne of carbon emissions, the equivalent of 129,152 mobile phone charges, a starting point in the journey to net zero.

Head of Procurement Simon Bullimore said, “We plan to continue to develop this method of consolidation and closed loop supply across the Group in every way we can – there is more to this type of supply than just price, and we need to be smart in the products we choose and how we choose to order them.”

This initiative has worked within multiple business areas within Norse, including catering, cleaning, care, waste, and joint ventures such as Uttlesford, Medway, and Alliance.

We thank our employees for adopting these fundamental principles and being an example to others. Only through our partnerships can we truly tackle the issue of sustainability.