Norse Group and Norfolk Community Foundation come together to ensure no one in Norfolk goes hungry.

With an increase in the cost of food and household bills, many across Norfolk are struggling to access healthy, affordable food. Between April and September last year, Norfolk’s Foodbanks gave out almost 20,000 emergency food parcels to people in crisis. Norse Group prides itself on a culture which looks to support local people and is working with Norfolk Community Foundation’s to prevent people falling into crisis.

In 2021, the Foundation launched the Nourishing Norfolk Network. Across the county, 17 food hubs provide people with a local place to buy affordable groceries and household essentials while helping them find long-term food security by accessing other support they may need. The network spans across Norfolk, and food hubs range from pantries in village churches to mobile buses covering whole districts. The alliance of locally-run food outlets allows people to save an average of 40% off their weekly shop.

As well as helping the charity maintain two mobile food hubs, Norse has helped establish a Norfolk food distribution warehouse based at its Headquarters in Norwich. The newly located warehouse, piloted earlier this year, has already proven to be a great success. Hubs across Norfolk will soon be receiving a reliable supply of food and other products. Norse has also offered its expertise in the logistics and administrative management of deliveries.

Steve Atkins, Project Manager at Norse Group Ltd, said, “We’ve got a good, robust base for logistics, and a lot of experience in supporting wide-scope projects. I think that our experience lends itself to what Nourishing Norfolk is wanting to achieve.”

Recently, Norse CEO Justin Galliford joined Nourishing Norfolk’s Supply and Logistics Manager Victoria Lewis to see first-hand the network’s direct impact on local communities. The pair followed a delivery from the Norse warehouse to one of the Nourishing Norfolk food hubs: The Feed’s Social Supermarket in Norwich.

Andrea Auburn, who oversees the development of the Social Supermarket and its adjoining Community Café, said, “We’re seeing people who are working full time, and they’re suddenly unable to make ends meet. We have 2000 households signed up, but about four and a half thousand people are accessing groceries through our shop, and about two-thirds of those tell us that is down to the cost-of-living crisis.

Alongside the advice and support from the Norfolk Community Foundation, Norse’s food distribution warehouse is the final piece of the puzzle, having that reliable, affordable food supply. It’s revolutionary for the shop.”

Victoria Lewis, who has been the driving force behind the distribution warehouse, said, “So far, I’ve worked with so many individuals within Norse, from N-able and Norse Catering to the team here at the warehouse, and what I’ve seen is a passionate drive to just get stuck in and get involved.

Everyone’s been very willing to help with practical advice, which is what we need to be able to provide support to communities right across Norfolk. We couldn’t be more grateful for that support.”

The relationship between Norse and Nourishing Norfolk shows the far-reaching benefits of partnership working. Together, we can improve people’s lives; a value which both the Group and Community Foundation truly share and believe in.

Justin Galliford, Norse CEO, said, “I have always believed in our people, supporting local communities and having a social impact. When I first heard about Nourishing Norfolk, it sounded like a great initiative. It was an immediate fit for us as the project ensures that everybody eats well in Norfolk, and no one goes hungry. Norse Group’s aim has always been to improve people’s lives, and through this partnership, I truly believe we can make a difference to those across Norfolk.”

The partnership shows what groups both big and small can achieve when they work together for a larger purpose. Norse recognises that communities in Norfolk need ongoing support to solve the issue of food insecurity. Through its partnership with the Norfolk Community Foundation, we are making positive changes so people can feed their families and secure a better future.

If you wish to support Nourishing Norfolk and help support this local cause, visit their website, and donate today