Norse Catering scored big this week, with their fourth and final enticing, Canaries-inspired, school meal.

Kathryn Stanley from Norwich City Women FC, who inspired one of the themed lunches, surprised pupils at Watlington Community Primary School, in King’s Lynn on Thursday (30th March) to help serve lunch.

On Thursdays throughout March, Norse Catering has teamed up with Norwich City Football Club to take inspiration from the food that helps fuel the Canaries players. The aim was to motivate young diners and educate them on the benefits of healthy eating.

The pupils from Watlington Primary School were not giving Kathryn’s Roasted Vegetable Lasagne a red card this Thursday.

Alexi, age 11 said “I really like the lasagne and I’m going to ask my mum to make it in the Easter holidays!”

Archie, age 11 said the lasagne “is very good, very tasty! Best meal yet from the Canaries promotion”

Over the four weeks, almost 8,000 meals were served across the participating schools, with the dishes designed by chef Dan Savage in collaboration with Norse Catering’s menu development team.

After each lunch, they are given cards to take home to help them shop for ingredients and make the recipes themselves with their parents.

Maureen Carter, Norse Catering’s Cook Manager at the school said “It’s been great to see the older children trying new food. One little boy had never tried lasagne before, and he cleared his plate!”

Claire Chapman, Headteacher at Watlington Community Primary School commented “Active Canaries Health Month has been a fantastic opportunity for staff to get pupils talking about food.”

“We have discovered more foods the children like (and dislike), had great conversations about trying new foods whilst classes have attempted to complete the 100-food challenge.

“The food facts and recipe cards have been brilliant to share with pupils and their families.”

Norse Catering prides itself on offering nutritional meals throughout Norfolk and Suffolk using more than 75% of the ingredients from local suppliers. All the dinners have been carefully planned to deliver a balanced and healthy meal as well as educate youngsters on the importance of nutrients.

The catering team worked closely with Norwich City to ensure all the Active Canaries meals were nutritionally balanced and adhered to school food standards. Marketing Manager for Norse Catering, Clare Jordan said

“The reach and impact of this project has been incredible. Thousands of children have tried something new during the four weeks and, hopefully, been inspired to keep on trying new foods and making healthy choices.”

As the final whistle blows, Active Canaries Health Month has proven to be a win for all involved.