Water dripping from leaking ceiling

If it wasn’t for Norse, the situation would have been much worse and taken considerably longer to rectify.

Client Archant had a major water leak resulting in a great deal of damage both internally and externally.

Devon Norse arrived to assess the situation and a decision was made that, due to the severity of the damage and the need to prepare an action plan, the premises would be vacated for the next five-six working days.

The Devon Norse team immediately got to work and instructed their relief team and all available cleaning staff to attend the site with their equipment. Approved builders were brought in to provide heavy duty, high volume skips and an approved electrician was employed to isolate everything to prevent shocks from exposed wiring and damaged sockets.

Once the worst of the water was removed, a deep clean of the entire workspace was arranged and when the space was dry enough, tiles were replaced and furniture brought in.

All electrical work was double checked before any staff members were allowed to enter the building. Devon Norse and the Archant team both met with the insurance assessors to discuss and confirm the cause and damage.

At the time of the incident, Devon Norse was providing a basic facilities management service including monthly site inspections, legionella testing, emergency lighting testing, fire risk assessment and site advice. They were called to take care of the emergency because the client knew the standards and reactions from Devon Norse staff are second to none. The cause of the incident was a build up of leaves and in turn trapped rainwater over a prolonged period of time. This is now monitored and cleared as a preventative measure.

“Towards the end of 2016 we had a serious flood in our Exeter office where the ceiling came in and caused widespread damage.We called Norse and within thirty minutes, Harry Harwood was on site and organising various departments to help with the cleaning and drying of the building. The speed and effectiveness was the best and within a day, we were back in the office working albeit in a much reduced capacity. Constant visits from Harry and his teams ensured the building was secure and repairs ongoing almost instantly, electric supplies checked, alarms sorted, roof repaired and cleaning of the mess. If it wasn’t for Norse, the situation would have been much worse and taken considerably longer to rectify.”


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