Supplying Norse Group

As a growing and award-winning business, we take a very keen interest not only in our valued clients and talented staff, but also in the companies which act as our suppliers.

At Norse, we understand that being able to deliver the best possible services on a daily basis often hinges on the reliability and excellence of the people supplying us. Quality and care are always paramount and are hallmarks that run right through the Norse supply chain.

Procurement has a vital role to play in the success of our business. We spend millions of pounds every year on goods and services, and everything from tanks of water for our office water coolers, to tanks of fuel for our fleets of vans and lorries.

As a business which delivers efficiency and value for clients, we expect the best value from our suppliers in terms of quality and cost.

Norse’s choice of suppliers is also strongly influenced by its obligations to Corporate Social Responsibility, the environment, equality and Health & Safety issues.

Through the Norse supply chain, we must be able to show that we put the wellbeing of the communities we serve high on our agenda, as well as the health of the planet and its people. Norse is proud of its green credentials and puts a constant emphasis on sustainability.


From July 2019, Norse Group, is implementing our spend control system, called Compleat, across the Group. This will help us to control our purchasing activity more effectively and ensure our suppliers are paid on time and to the agreed terms.

As a supplier to Norse Group you must ensure ALL invoices are;

  • Sent as an intelligent PDF document
  • Addressed using the official Norse company name
  • Quoting an official Norse Group Purchase Order reference
  • Sent to the correct e-mail address for that Norse company

More useful information can be found in the following documents;

If you are unable to comply with this requirement or have queries, please contact the eInvoicing Team by email at

Please also click here for an important update on Norse Group address changes

Policies and handbooks:

Becoming a supplier

Please contact the Procurement Team if you are interested in becoming a supplier to Norse, call 01603 894100 or email us using the link below.

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