Our People

Supporting staff to live well is a key pillar of our social responsibility values and we run a number of initiatives throughout the year to help build a healthier and happier workplace.

The Group is an enthusiastic supporter of Project Search, a national initiative which helps students with learning difficulties make the transition to work and which can change the lives of those taking part.

The company also has a strong track record of recruiting people who have been unemployed and those who might otherwise face multiple barriers to breaking into employment.

Our companies have also invested heavily in apprentices in conjunction with its shareholder Norfolk County Council. Of a 100 strong cohort taken on in 2012, almost 60% who completed their apprenticeships went on to gain permanent positions.

We want to make the most of young talent and regularly recruit graduates into our businesses. For more information, visit norsecareers.co.uk  or nps.co.uk/opportunities