Kind to the Environment

We are committed to using energy and natural resources as efficiently as possible and closely monitor electricity, gas, fuel and water consumption across the Group.  Energy consumption is reviewed quarterly and areas for improvement identified.

Both NPS and Norse Commercial Services are accredited to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard which helps organisations enhance their environmental performance, reducing their consumption, waste and costs.

We have a strong track record of supporting local schools, tenants and businesses to save money, energy and carbon through both innovative delivery solutions and technologies, and have made a £20m investment in renewable energy projects in both the public and private sector. Our initiatives have allowed a number of schools to have renewables without the need for upfront capital and have installed over 25,000 solar panels on the roofs of council houses, providing free electricity to tenants.

Our architects have completed an environmentally sustainable housing development called Carrowbreck near Norwich built to Passivhaus standards, which exceeds requirements for air tightness five times over. Fresh filtered air is provided to the homes 24 hours a day, utilising a heat recovery system capable of achieving over 90% efficiencies, and an equivalent power requirement of 20p per day, the same as a low energy light bulb. This is just one of a number of sustainable building projects carried out within the Group.

Norse Commercial Services operate a number of electric vans in different parts of the country and is trialling hydrogen technology and fuel additives to reduce fuel consumption in its vehicles.

NorseCare has accessed Government funding to introduce new bio mass boilers powered by wood pellets at four of its residential homes. The move will save a considerable amount of  carbon over 30 years and given the cost of oil, reduce annual running costs. The new boilers not only use a renewable energy source, but also help climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A separate project has been run at almost 20 NorseCare homes, with a prize for the location that reduced electricity consumption the most over a year. The winning location received £1,000 to spend on something for residents to enjoy and NorseCare is examining ways of harnessing technology to reduce consumption further.