Good Governance

Whether it’s how we deliver our services or our approach to recruitment, the way we work with our suppliers or look after our staff, everything we do is shaped by our four values:

Quality  |  Innovation  |  Respect  |  Trust

Our policies:


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The figures on gender pay for the eleven Norse Group companies reported to the Government for 2018 almost exclusively show our companies are below the national mean average gap of 17.9% (for all staff), with eight reporting figures of less than 10%.

It’s important to remember that the gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay as men and women doing the same jobs are paid the same.

Some areas of our work have, in the past, traditionally been dominated by men. But we are working hard in all areas to attract more female candidates. Our mentoring and coaching programmes, along with graduate recruitment, will help us grow and retain this talent in the years ahead.

This will remain a work in progress for some time yet, but we are generally moving in the right direction. We pride ourselves in having some of the best female professionals within our various industries across the Group.

To see gender pay figures for April 2018 for NorseCare and various Norse Commercial Services companies, visit: