As advocates and leading experts in low carbon and sustainable design – people, planet and purpose is our raison d’être.

We bring our extensive experience in the field – with around 600 Passivhaus or Net Zero Carbon (operational) homes being designed, delivered or completed to date.

We are developers, architects, planning consultants, development consultants, surveyors, engineers and technical specialists working across every aspect of the development lifecycle.

We have the capacity, expertise and scale you need to bring innovative concepts to life and at pace.

Our award-winning designs help to regenerate communities, providing sustainable homes which address issues of fuel poverty, health and wellbeing, the climate agenda and affordability.

Development partnerships

By providing an easy route to market through the Teckal Exemption [commonly named the ‘IN-HOUSE Exemption], together we can deliver the homes and communities of the future, while also creating new opportunities locally to drive social, environmental and economic value.

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Also part of our housing development service

  • Project management

    Development consultancy

    Throughout the UK we have extensive experience helping local authority clients at each stage of the development process to safeguard or maximum return for clients’ assets.

  • Housing development

    Development agency

    Our agency teams offer in-depth knowledge of the planning and development process to help clients identify new development opportunities across their portfolio.

  • Housing Development - Masterplanning


    As a multidisciplinary team, our architects and designers can access a wide range of planning and property expertise across the Group to offer tailored solutions for each project.

  • Planning consultancy

    Planning consultancy

    The Planning system is complex, and our guidance can help clients to minimise the time and expense taken in identifying and assessing development opportunities.

  • Rayne Park housing, Norwich


    We deliver a range of regeneration projects that transform communities, boost the economy and help neighbourhoods thrive.

  • Compulsory purchase

    Strategic land

    Our national planning and development teams support clients in promoting land for significant development opportunities and securing often complex planning permissions.

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