Today (22 April) marks Global Earth Day, an annual event encouraging the preserving and protecting of our planet. On Global Earth Day, Norse introduces the Group Environmental and Sustainability Committee.

The committee will focus on how Norse adapts to a changing climate as it looks to transition to a low carbon business, providing services our partners and employees require.

The Environmental and Sustainability Committee consists of 13 members from our Senior Management Team and Andy Campbell, Norse Environmental Manager.

The committee will provide governance at the highest functional level to improve and deliver strategy, policy and action on environmental, social and governance matters (ESG) and sustainability.

Meetings will happen bi-monthly, with the committee assisting Norse in implementing decisions around environmental management and providing leadership to reduce our environmental impact.

Climate change is a high risk for businesses. Companies must consider how environmental and sustainable they are and reduce practices that are not environmentally friendly. Noticeably, with the passing of The Environment Act 2021, in November last year, more than ever, businesses will be held accountable for their environmental impact and sustainability.

The formation of the Environmental and Sustainability Committee is instrumental to looking at how we as a business become more sustainable from an environmental management perspective.

Andy Campbell, Norse’s Environmental Manager, adds: “The Norse Group knows where its responsibilities lie – with the establishment of the Group Environmental and Sustainability committee, we have a strong footing with accountability set at the correct level to commence our journey to a low carbon business. Over the years we will see the benefits from these changes for the partners and communities we serve, having generated the cleaner, sustainable future we need.”