‘The Grange’ resident Jacquie Ward is a lady with a mission when it comes to keeping the Daventry housing estate litter-free.

Jacquie, along with local children, her ‘Granger Litter Ninjas’, daily covers the estate picking up any litter they find.

When Jacquie’s litter barrow became terminally broken, the Daventry Town Councillor for the estate’s ward contacted Daventry Norse Operations Director, Nick Drake. Pleased to help, Nick arranged for sister Norse partnership Wellingborough Norse to supply a replacement cart, which Daventry Norse staff cleaned, serviced and equipped with everything Jacquie needed.

A trolley loaded with litter pick sticks, broom, dustpan and brush and loads of litter sacks, was presented to Jacquie, to her obvious delight; “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the proud owner of this litter barrow which Norse have so kindly and generously donated.

“I have even found places to hang my litter pick sticks which can be easily accessed by our Granger Litter Ninjas.“

Nick Drake said; “We were pleased to be able to help Jacquie by providing her with a new trolley, she does a fabulous job in helping to keep her estate looking tidy, and in motivating the local children to take pride in their environment.

Norse even provided the trolley with an appropriate ‘number plate’, N1JAR.

Jacquie also covers all aspects of the estate liaison, from updating the residents with news and information to organising events on the estate.