The Norse Group is reminding its staff that confidential advice and support is always available on a 24/7 basis.

Feelings of concern are quite understandable at this difficult time and sharing how you are feeling, and the things you are doing to cope, with family and friends can help them too.

But if staff do not feel able to do that, they can get free support from our Employee Assistant helplines. Staff working for NCS or NorseCare can ring Health Assured on 0800 0305182 and those who work for NPS can call Bupa on 0800 269616.

The company also has a network of mental health first aiders who may be able to help. Staff are asked to check out their details on iTrent.

HR manager and Chair of Wellbeing Committee Lucy Proctor said: “When thinking about our health and wellbeing it is important not to overlook the simple things, as they can be key to remain able to cope with uncertainty in the world around us. This can include ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, keeping physically active, taking time out to enjoy things, and relaxing.