To ensure the continuity of hot water and heating during emergencies or planned plant replacements, Newport Norse, working in partnership with Alpha Heating Innovations, has designed a bespoke mobile plant room unit for Newport City Council.

With a number of boiler replacements planned, Newport Norse – which manages property maintenance for Newport City Council – was looking for a unit that could be easily towed to a site and connected quickly. The unit needed to meet both the heating and domestic hot water requirements of a wide range of buildings, with the capacity of the boiler being flexible enough to operate at a low output just as efficiently as at full capacity.

The mobile unit built for Newport City Council was designed with a bypass that allows it to be used on systems with and without a hot water return. In addition, the footprint of the trailer is among the smallest of any mobile plant room solution available. This means it is towable by any vehicle as the total weight is below three tonnes – ensuring it can be utilised in a variety of locations.

The mobile unit has already been used at Maindee Primary School in Newport during a boiler replacement, to provide a reliable supply of hot water for handwashing and for use in the kitchen and toilets.

Gary Moore, Mechanical Design Engineer at Newport Norse, said: “We are very pleased with the finished result and it performed as we intended when deployed for the first time at Maindee Primary School. Having a reliable and flexible temporary heating and hot water solution means we can ensure minimal downtime and disruption for building occupants, even in an emergency.”