The last 18 months have demonstrated the importance of maintaining high standards of cleanliness, with teams across Norse working hard to help keep communities and each other safe.

And with a subsequent post-Covid boom in the supply chain of cleaning products and equipment, our Procurement Team recently set up an Innovation Day in Norwich – to showcase the latest technology the sector has to offer.

Colleagues from across the Group, who deal with day-to-day cleaning – whether internally, or through external clients – gathered to learn more about a wide range of cleaning products, which could help to deliver new efficiencies.

This included the iMop – which is a specialised floor cleaning device that is already in use across NorseCare’s homes, as well as a wall-mounted unit – which creates a powerful, chemical-free cleaning and sanitising solution.

The latest innovations in virus killing and air sterilisation units were also showcased on the day, along with a specialist deep scrubbing machine – which is battery operated, in a convenient backpack design.

Procurement and Contracts Manager, Simon Bullimore, said: “There has been an incredible leap forward in cleaning technology in a short space of time, and we wanted to demonstrate just some of these latest innovations which are becoming available in the marketplace.

“By all accounts, our Cleaning Innovation Day was a great success, we hope to arrange similar initiatives in future to help shine a light on the exciting opportunities available throughout our supply chain.”

Procurement Manager, Matt Dewsbury, added: “It’s important that we seek out and share sources of innovation across the Group. It’s the best way to find and leverage competitive advantage.”