Tonnes of holly collected by Norse’s team at Ashill Recycling Centre near Swaffham will be decking Norfolk homes this Christmas and helping local charities perform their vital work.

Team members at the site separated the holly from clippings and other green waste brought in by members of the public and then bagged it up for sale at a charity auction.

Fabian Eagle, Norfolk County Councillor for the Brecks Division, was behind the fundraising event, which saw a total of £335 raised for Norfolk and Waveney Mind, Nelson’s Journey and the Benjamin Foundation.

“The team at Ashill Recycling Centre chose Norfolk and Waveney Mind as the charity to which they wanted the proceeds from the sale of their holly to go to,” he explained.

“The whole event has been a great success – the charity auction was staged in Swaffham on December 4 and helped to increase footfall to the town centre.

“The holly was largely bought by stallholders who are making it into wreaths to be bought by the public and by doing this we have helped them to source their festive greenery.

“In addition, we have raised much-needed funds for charity and, of course, the holly has been doubly recycled.”

He added: “We look forward to collecting more holly and running a similar event again next year.”

David Lake, Norse’s Operational Contracts Manager, who oversees the 20 recycling centres managed by the group across Norfolk, said the team was only too happy to gather the cuttings.

“The holly was green waste from people’s gardens and would have been recycled into compost if it had not been separated and collected,” he explained.

“It is nice to think it can be enjoyed one more time as holly before it is brought back to us again in the form of wreaths and other decorations in a few weeks’ time.

“The team has enjoyed helping to raise money for charity and was glad to be part of a project to spread a little joy in Norfolk in the run-up to Christmas.”