At Infinity, we get to visit some very interesting sites across the UK carrying out surveys for our clients.

Recently we worked closely with Nene Valley Railway, which operates a heritage line in Peterborough, inspecting two old redundant train carriages constructed by British Rail in the 1950s and 60s.

While the carriages invoke nostalgic memories of a golden era of steam locomotives, they also contain potentially hazardous materials such as asbestos – meaning that it is a risk which must be managed carefully.

Our team found suspect material in several parts of the redundant carriages, which were being inspected for our client, who intends to sell them to other railways once they are fully safe and compliant with regulations.

We found asbestos under the seats, as well as around tanks and steam heating pipes, which are all places where this material is commonly found in coaches constructed from this period.

Fortunately, modern train carriages are built to far more stringent standards, but with the safe removal of hazardous materials, everyone can enjoy the magic of riding in a bit of railway history.

If you have a property (or redundant train carriage for that matter) that needs inspecting, please get in touch with us. We’re here to assist with all your asbestos compliance needs.

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