New Government restrictions concerning the mandatory use of face coverings on public transport come into force on Monday (June 15).

This may yet be expanded to cover other areas, such as shops and outdoor attractions as the nation’s Covid-19 recovery phase continues.

To be effective, face coverings must be worn correctly, washed and cleaned frequently, removed properly and used in combination with good hygiene precautions such as washing your hands regularly and maintaining social distancing.

Although not a legal requirement, the Norse Group is acquiring a supply of branded face coverings that will be distributed to all staff as they are delivered.

This demonstrates the Group’s commitment to our staff’s welfare, safety and health.

Until the Group is in a position to distribute the face coverings, everyone must continue to abide by all Government Covid-19 guidance and provide their own face covering if required by the new restrictions.

Please remember that face coverings are not PPE and should not be substituted for, or used instead of PPE issued by the Group for the safe conduct of operational tasks.

The Group has always, and will continue in the future, to follow the Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England guidance.

If you do not normally wear a face mask, or any other PPE for work, then you will not need to do so because of coronavirus.

Supplies of PPE, including face masks, must continue to be reserved for those who need them – such as health and care workers and those working in industrial settings who are exposed to dust hazards.

If managers have any concerns or questions concerning the wearing of face coverings, please contact Peter Sommerfield, Senior Health and Safety Manager,