Two new cleaning machines will be seen, but not heard, in Havant Town Centre as Havant Borough Council, together with Norse South East, introduce their electric pavement sweeper and cleaner.

The no noise, no fume machines are the first 100% electrically powered 24 Volt pavement vehicles with zero CO2 emissions to be used in the borough.

The walk behind sweeper, with two traditional looking brushes on the front also has a large hose which can be used as a hoover to get to hard-to-reach areas such as under benches or over drains.

The cleaning machine, also a walk behind appliance, has a pressure strip for water to spray from for cleaning pavements and pathways. Attached is a high-pressure lance that is used to jet wash benches and inside litter bins.

Both machines have onboard rechargeable batteries with a run time of up to ten hours, and can be fully recharged overnight.

Julie Thain-Smith, Cabinet Lead for Environment & Climate Change at Havant Borough Council said: “This environmentally friendly solution to managing emissions and noise nuisance, whilst keeping our town centre and park clean is a welcomed asset, and I am pleased that Norse South East have had the foresight to invest in this machinery.”

Rob Guy, Operations Director at Norse South East, added: “We are dedicated to finding new environmentally greener ways of working in the borough.”

The tried and tested technology used minimises the environmental footprint and offers high levels of recyclability, as well as high levels of safety thanks to the low voltage and can be used in all weathers.

Pictured left to right: Sean Blake (Assistant Operations Manager, Street Scene – Norse South East), Tony Wright (Transport Manager – Norse South East) and Ricky Glass – (Havant town centre operative – Norse South East)