Brittany Harris is part of the latest crop of Norse apprentices, with all the ingredients for a fruitful career in catering.

She is currently in the final stages of a Level 2 Production Chef apprenticeship, which she has completed while working for Devon Norse, based at Blackpool Primary School in Liverton.

It’s a role that has given the young apprentice plenty of food for thought, tasked with the challenge of feeding more than 250 hungry pupils each day.

However, it’s also a challenge she relishes, with her apprenticeship equipping her with the skills she needs to progress in the industry.

“I began the apprenticeship in order to understand the catering and hospitality sector better, which could help me progress in the future,” she said.

“I feel that I have learnt about how the company works, as well as the importance of keeping the customer happy, and how to do this safely.”

Completing an apprenticeship has also provided a variety of exciting opportunities for Brittany to sink her teeth into, including spending a day with one of Britain’s most popular and well-known chefs, Michael Caines MBE.

Learning from the best in the business has helped in Brittany’s culinary development, inspiring her to continue to progress towards her long-term goal of starting her own business in the catering and hospitality sector.

“The information and knowledge that I have gained since I began the course will be invaluable to me throughout my career and my daily life,” she said.

There are currently around 200 apprentices across the Group in fields as diverse as catering and chartered surveying, with the Norse Skills Hub available to provide support to help find the right programme for our employees.