Today, I wanted to provide an update on how the Group is continuing to respond to the national effort of stemming the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). As we see the continual shift to normality, our levels of operations and services being undertaken will begin to increase in a controlled and safe manner.

The safety and health of all our staff has remained paramount and due to the Government announcing further reductions in the social distancing measures for England, including the re-opening of more retail stores and social venues on 4 July, we will be maintaining focus on how we develop and adapt our controlled move to normal operations.

We are keeping abreast of developments through continual review of COVID-19 guidance and existing health and safety law, and I am pleased to report that we are progressing well across the Group with our regeneration and normalisation phase of our business recovery.

The changes in social distancing restrictions from 2m to 1m plus is a positive move and will allow the Group to undertake more work tasks safely and compliantly.

All Operations Directors have been briefed on the changes and they will implement them where reasonably practicable in the workplace.

Planning has been undertaken, with procedures developed should any area of the Group be subject to a localised lockdown. You can be confident that the Group will respond swiftly and competently to ensure your safety should these be introduced.

All decisions continue to be taken in complete adherence to guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and the Government so that front line service delivery continues with the correct control measures in place to protect staff, while providing enhanced operational capability.

Everyone should continue to follow the hygiene regimes introduced by the Government and follow self-isolation advice should you, or a member of your household, start to experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

We continue to be a distanced, isolated workforce in areas of the business and it remains important to look after our own, our family’s and our colleagues mental health. Please continue to text and call friends and family.

I hope this reassurance is helpful. The SHEQ department remains fully operational and is available to answer questions you may have regarding COVID-19, as well as routine questions.

Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives.

Jamie McDonald
Group SHEQ Director