I wanted to take the opportunity today to thank staff for the continued adherence to the social distancing measures we have implemented in the workplace, in line with the UK Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy. Our regeneration plan is working well and is ensuring that, under strict control, we can return more colleagues to work, safely and compliantly. The reduction in social distancing measures means that we are naturally working in a busier environment and it is encouraging to see that staff confidence is improving and that normality is returning to our working patterns and environments.

I urge everyone to continue to grow in confidence and to have faith in the Incident Management Team’s (IMT’s) decision making. But do not allow yourselves to become overly confident and forget the basics required to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Please remember:

  • do not attend work if you are demonstrating any signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus
  • adhere to the self-isolation guidance should you, or a member of your family demonstrate signs and symptoms associated with coronavirus
  • adhere to any Track and Trace requests that you are subject to outside the workplace and ensure you inform your line manager if contacted
  • wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds during the day and clean down all work equipment with the equipment provided
  • maintain 1m plus social distancing, and where reasonably practicable, increase this to 2m if the workplace allows.

The IMT continues to meet and is keeping up to date with all UK Government, National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) and the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) advice and guidance to ensure the safety and health of all our staff remains paramount.

All Operations Directors are being continually briefed on any changes made by the Government, NIHP or the HSE.

Planning has been carried out and procedures developed should any part of the Group be subject to a localised lockdown. Staff can be confident that the Group will respond swiftly and competently to ensure their safety, should these be introduced, so that front line services continue with the correct control measures in place to protect staff.

We continue to be a distanced, isolated workforce in areas of the business and it remains important to look after our own, our family’s and our colleagues’ mental health. Please continue to text and call friends and family.

I hope this reassurance is helpful. The SHEQ and HR departments remain fully operational and are available to answer questions you may have regarding COVID-19, as well as any routine questions.

Jamie McDonald
Group SHEQ Director

Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives.