Professional, reliable maintenance and compliance solutions for schools and academies across the UK

Outsourcing FM services within the education sector is still the preferred option for schools and academies. As budget cuts continue to add pressure, alongside statutory compliance obligations, there is a demand for an affordable solution that provides confidence to school leaders that their premises and services are available and fully functional whenever they need them.

Outsourcing services deliver a number of benefits including:

  • proven service efficiencies
  • access to skilled and qualified expertise
  • improved risk management
  • reduced burden
  • supports your budgets.

First impressions count, therefore providing safe, warm and inspirational environments for learning is a promise that Infinity will deliver.

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“Over the years a good working relationship has been developed with Infinity.
There is trust, honesty and an extension to our school family has been created, not just a contractor turning up to do a job.
We are fully supported with all our maintenance needs; Infinity share our vision and understand the improvements we are working towards within our school.“
Bursar, Primary School, Wigan

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