Norse Group recognise the need to develop an ethically profitable business with consideration to the impacts our activities have on the Environmental (Planet), Social (People), and Governance (Profit).

As the largest LATCO in Britain, clear communication with our stakeholders regarding the value we generate for them is essential in ensuring we are trusted and respected by our customers.

Improving the lives of those living where we operate means we must seek to engage and support communities. We will do this through Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG Strategy) which aims to create social value in addition to profit.


A particular focus of our ESG Strategy will be the continued drive towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Reducing the impact of our services on the environment means we will positively support similar actions of those living in the communities we serve. The next five years will see us develop further our ESG Strategy and continue our net zero journey.

Norse Group is committed to:

  1. Reducing energy consumption and waste
  2. Keeping our air, land, and water clean
  3. Valuing our relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers
  4. Following sound business practices for transparency and fairness
  5. Aiming for a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050 or sooner

To support this, we will monitor and report our ESG activities, reporting back to stakeholders and providing data transparently to facilitate independent review and scrutiny of our performance.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Development Policy


Norse Group employees can support causes which are important to them via our Community Fund.

Staff are encouraged to apply for support to a good cause that’s close to their heart. Applicants must be actively involved with the group, organisation or individual concerned which must be a recognised, voluntary or charitable group.

Grants are often in the region of £750 and successful applications can be anything from football clubs in need of a new kit or Scout groups seeking new equipment.


We are passionate about strengthening local communities.

As well as being there for our customers when they need us, we are committed to extending our impact and working together to tackle the challenges our communities face every day.

Our board has agreed to a policy allowing our staff to take up to eight hours a year of paid time off work to volunteer for a good cause subject to operational requirements. With thousands of volunteering hours on offer, we hope we can make a real difference over time.